Investment Services

Our expertise

Adapting to your needs

Adapting to your needs

The Edmond de Rothschild Group has always been recognised for its expertise and it provides you with investment services suited to your needs.

Our approach

Personalised investment

Our investment services adjust to your expectations and wealth management strategy. Your Private Banker can provide you with occasional assistance, advisory management or turnkey services.

In each case, our teams are there to provide you with the best possible investments solutions. They will direct you to the products best suited to your risk profile and your yield expectations, even in periods of low rates or turbulent markets.

What defines us

A tailor-made culture

  • Discretionary Investment Management

    Our experts adjust investment policies to your risk profile when you choose to delegate day-to-day operations with our discretionary investment management service.

    You can opt for a traditional mandate based on market anticipation and opportunities which reflect our Group's investment philosophy. It will also be adjusted to your risk appetite and yield objectives.

    Or, you can choose a bespoke mandate for a more personalised approach that will integrate your constraints in terms of risk exposure and your thematic requirements.

  • An advisory management offer that puts you in charge of your decisions

    Advisory management (advisory mandate) allows you to have a one-to-one relationship with a dedicated expert and benefit from tailored advice. However, you retain total control over all management decisions.

  • Self-directed investing services

    As an independent investor, you make your own investment decisions and carry out the trades you feel are right for you.

  • Customised securities selection

    ​We select the in-house, external securities and investment vehicles best-suited to your situation, on the stock market and among convertible, bond and monetary products. Your private banker will give you access to several hundred funds with the market's best managers and to our dedicated teams of analysts specialised in equities and the bond markets.