Our expertise

High impact investments

High impact investments

Our agro-forestry projects combine aspects of forestry and farming to create plantations which meet the needs of local and international markets. Our projects have a significant positive impact on the environmental and social balance sheets of countries. Thanks to our expertise, our teams reconcile sustainable profits, environmental protection and poverty reduction.

" This expertise was acquired to develop agro-forestry in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, and to promote innovative and responsible techniques with other investors in these sectors. Sustainable development and social responsibility are essential values. "
Hervé Bourguignon Partner, Moringa Partnership
What defines us

The ability to combine profitability and development

  • Providing support for the development of agro-forestry

    This innovative and profitable unlisted investment solution in tropical regions creates projects to promote the sustainable production of agricultural goods (food crops for local markets, export crops - coffee cocoa and tea), for which demand is increasing in the targeted areas, and forestry products (biomass energy, timber, etc.). The projects operate against a background of accelerating urbanization, which is increasing the need for wood and putting pressure on existing forests.

  • Combining economic, social and environmental benefits

    In addition to the economic benefits for investors, the projects we finance have a positive, concrete and measurable impact on the environment and local populations.

    They are implemented on a partnership basis and create employment opportunities, increase producer income, fight against food insecurity and help improve health and education infrastructure. Use of the best agro-forestry techniques also ensures that deteriorated soils are re-fertilized, water resources are protected and deforestation is controlled.

  • A unique project platform

    The Edmond de Rothschild Group and ONF International (ONFI) launched this ambitious agro-forestry projects platform with the support of technical partners and major industrial groups.

    The Edmond de Rothschild Group provides its financial expertise, its unequalled network and its experience in Africa and Latin America. The ONFI brings its network of offices in the target countries and its widely acknowledged expertise in forestry and agro-forestry techniques.

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