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Partnership for growth

Partnership for growth

Since 1957, our Group has been investing in mature companies as minority or majority shareholder. We invest in a variety of businesses with clear and sustainable growth prospects and driven by a robust management team. Our goal is to create long-term value for our portfolio companies.

" Our successful development to date is built on the quality of our investment team, a flexible investment approach and an ability to invest in businesses with a medium to long term investment horizon."
Jean-Marie Laurent Josi Managing Director, Cobepa
What defines us

Driven by values

  • An engaged shareholder

    ​Our mission as a shareholder is to contribute to the growth and development of the companies in which we invest. Our excellent reputation and successful track record are the reflection of our corporate values: respect of commitments, transparency, integrity and independence. We consider these values of paramount importance and consistently apply them in all investment situations for over 50 years.

  • Investment philosophy

    ​Shaped by an entrepreneurial family background and an "evergreen" structure, we are a committed and supportive shareholder with a medium to long term investment horizon. We aim to actively contribute to the development of each of our portfolio companies. We leverage upon our knowhow, experience and business network in order to facilitate and support value-creating strategies through close working relationships with corporate management teams.

  • Investment strategy

    ​Our investment strategy is centred on two main types of investments:

    • growth capital investments, taking significant minority stakes

    • buy-out transactions, acquiring control or co-control of the company alongside the management and other investors.

    We mainly seek investment opportunities in Europe and North America. Via our participations, we also have significant economic interests in Asia and South America.

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