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Investment in prestigious establishments

Investment in prestigious establishments

This investment strategy focuses on the acquisition, positioning and development of luxury hotels in Europe. The offering in unlisted investments plans to acquire about twenty four- and five-star category hotels at discounted prices in major European cities.

" The luxury hotels at the heart of major European cities are prestige properties which provide high yields. The current economic environment in Europe is such that we can still find hotel assets at low prices. They provide investment opportunities with attractive gains."
Jaume Tàpies CEO, Aina Hospitality
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Targeting investment opportunities

  • Target discounted opportunities in a profitable market

    The number of four- and five-star hotels in major European cities is running below demand. This category of hotels has good long-term fundamentals.

    The price of hotel properties has fallen considerably over the past ten years in most European cities. The excess debt of some owners and their inability to invest in hotel renovations has created an opportunity to acquire hotels with significant potential located in the centre of major European cities.

    In addition, Europe continues to be the world's leading tourist destination and major European capitals draw the wealthiest and most demanding travellers. The improving global economic environment and increasing business and tourism travel are providing a boost to the European hotel industry.

  • An experienced team

    Our investment team, comprising nine members, has extensive experience in the hotel industry, investment banking and the real estate sector. Our in-depth knowledge of the luxury hotel business and of its strategic growth potential enable us to improve the performance of these establishments considerably. This means that we can increase the value of each hotel asset for resale at a later date.

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