Sustainable Development

A cross-disciplinary approach

Our commitment

Our commitment

In an increasingly interconnected world, the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. We believe that creating financial value must also include the creation of social and environmental value. Our Group's goal is to achieve overall performance by taking all of its stakeholders into account - a model which combines vision, ethics and practicality.

" We must give people the resources to support change and see it as an opportunity for our future development. "
Ariane de Rothschild
Our beliefs

Edmond de Rothschild, working for a sustainable economy

Reassessment of the financial industry and the constantly changing world we live in provides opportunities to find increasingly innovative and beneficial solutions for society overall. We believe that they also point to a paradigm shift in our economic system.

The Rothschild family has always been able to reassess itself and reposition itself for the long term. Our approach to sustainable development, implemented throughout our areas of expertise and organisations, enables us to meet the changes under way by serving a real economy which is more demanding in terms of creating economic, social and environmental value.

Our involvement in sustainable development is substantiated by our membership in several United Nations programmes, including the Global Compact.

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