Asset Management

Our Asset Management services are designed to offer our clients active, conviction-based management. We look beyond indexed performance to create real, long-term value through strong, principled positions.

In all our investments, we endeavour to take a comprehensive view of the risk involved.
Our aim is to provide meaningful financial products with a tangible impact on the real economy. 


billion Swiss francs in assets under management


years of history


areas of expertise



We innovate for our clients, striving to offer new opportunities and products in line with their needs. Be it in terms of instruments, methods or new management techniques, our teams are constantly seeking to enrich our offering and to that end are actively reflecting on the finance of the future.


Because we know that real performance is built over the long term, we do not speculate. Instead, we value sustainable investments that take into account not only financial considerations, but also social, environmental and governance factors.


Our relationship with our clients is of paramount importance to us. That is why we are open with them at all times. Our clients have access to the decision-making process, from the recommendation stage through to the tangible impacts of each of our investments.


By seeking to invest in all the products we offer, we create a real bond of trust with our clients. Each product in our range is built on a strong conviction that holds firm regardless of market fluctuations.





For 60 years, we have been developing products in line with our convictions and in close connection with the real economy. Harnessing our long tradition of research and management, we offer you the very best in asset management.

Conviction-driven management on international markets

Tangible investments firmly rooted in the real economy

Quantitative innovation for our clients

Access to leading international managers

A focus on generating new ideas


Our management teams are specialised. Each of our experts focuses on a specific market and asset class so as to build strong convictions about their segment.

We firmly believe that dialogue and teamwork are vital to generating ideas. We encourage our managers to share their expertise to help them see the big picture in their analysis. Constant interaction among our teams enables them to propose innovative solutions to meet the present and future challenges of investors.