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Developing regional competitiveness

Developing regional competitiveness

The Rothschild family is well-known for having financed large infrastructure projects from the 19th century onwards, such as railways, the Suez Canal and hospitals. In keeping with this long tradition, the Edmond de Rothschild Group is today a leading player in advisory services and financing for major infrastructure projects. The Group's expertise in infrastructure debt, owing to its continuous innovation, offers long-term investors stable returns while developing regional competitiveness.

What defines us?

Dedication to sustained growth

  • Private capital that promotes growth and social progress

    ​Infrastructure networks contribute to value creation and global connections. Thanks to the positive external effects that they generate, private companies can benefit from a ripple effect, thus increasing competitiveness. However, the construction and renovation of infrastructures are crying out for financing.

  • A long-term investment, with stable returns and low volatility

    ​Infrastructure debt is ideal for long-term investors as it carries long maturities and presents greater credit quality. The cash flows generated are stable, by their very nature. Moreover, this fixed income segment offers investors an opportunity for diversification and protection against inflation.

  • Recognised expertise in infrastructure financing

    ​Capitalising on a financing advisory business for infrastructure assets, this division of the Edmond de Rothschild Group is managed by a very experienced team. The Group therefore benefits from privileged access to a diversified flow of projects. Because of its long-established involvement in this area, it is recognised as a key partner by all the intermediaries and market participants in the chain.

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