Why join us ?


Career developpment within the Group

We encourage our employees to progress professionally within the group. Our global mobility charter creates bridges between our offices and across business lines. A single internal platform was created to provide employees with information about opportunities throughout the Group. Today, about a quarter of our positions are filled internally.


Mentoring young professionals

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) plays an important role in our Group. Employees are encouraged to get involved with these activities. The PasserElles programme was initiated by the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations in partnership with the Mozaïk RH firm.

Its goal is to facilitate the professional integration of young minority women. The Group has sponsored the programme since 2011 to provide employees with an opportunity to mentor these young women. In addition, the Bootstrap programme lets our employees help the young women on a more occasional basis via their network and expertise.

Talent development

Promoting a culture of learning and leadership

Our focus on achieving excellence in our business to ensure optimum client satisfaction is a constant in an ever-changing environment in which we deal with increasingly difficult and complex challenges.


Developing our employees' potential

We provide our employees with a range of customized individual and collective solutions to support their development and ensure that they reach their full potential. We listen and provide the personalized support best suited to their professional aspirations within our group.

Our entrepreneurial culture promotes accountability and encourages our employees, who are in charge of their own career development, to take all available training opportunities. We provide a series of tools for each initiative, creating new opportunities for development.

It is very important to ensure the transfer of know-how and expertise, in line with the group's values.