Risk analysis and management

Our expertise

Managing risks

Managing risks

Risk management is at the heart of our approach. Our overall strategy, which takes all of your assets into account, views risk management as a necessary prerequisite for long-term performance.

Our approach

Assessing each risk

Our teams rely on an effective methodology constructed around eight distinct risk factors (see graph) to continuously and dynamically track our clients' asset risks.

What defines us

A proven methodology

  • A special awareness of risk management

    While the entrepreneurial spirit implies risk taking, success requires that it be managed. As a family company, the Edmond de Rothschild Group's shareholders have made it particularly aware of the need for risk management.

  • A rigorous methodology

    Our risk management is based on in-depth diagnostics which enable the implementation of precise, tailored management policies for your entire asset environment. We take your family dynamics, strategic planning and taxes into account.

  • Ongoing risk analysis

    Our teams work with dynamic, high-performance measurement tools. They are always on the lookout for changes in risk levels to be able to quickly make any adjustments required. In addition, we carry out crisis situation simulations ("stress tests") to identify risk factors and minimise damage should they occur.

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