Management of our environmental impact

A concerted effort

Reducing our ecological footprint

Reducing our ecological footprint

Being a responsible company means becoming aware of your environmental impact and taking action to reduce it. Edmond de Rothschild has created an environmental policy to gradually improve its performance.

We’re most demanding of ourselves. We want our commitment to demonstrate that a company’s performance can be perfectly compatible with an environmentally responsible approach. Sabine Rabald Group Chief Operating Officer

Our strategic priorities

  • Reducing our carbon footprint

    ​An assessment of our CO2 emissions impact enabled us to identify two priority action areas: the energy consumption of our buildings and employee travel for business and commuting purposes. These concrete data provide us with reference points to measure the results of the actions implemented each year.

  • More sustainable use of resources every day

    We're working to reduce our paper consumption and we buy recycled paper or paper from sustainably managed forests. Currently, 100% of our sales brochures and publications are printed on FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) paper.

    Our responsible purchasing policy promotes the inclusion of environmental, social and ethical criteria in decision-making and encourages our partners to manage their own social and environmental impacts.

  • Sound waste management

    Among all waste categories, our IT waste has the greatest potential environmental impact. Reuse, recycling and donations to charitable associations are among the solutions we've implemented at our main sites. Paper recycling is also an important waste management issue in our sector. Our goal is to ensure that recycling systems for different types of waste are implemented at our sites where local solutions exist.