The BRIDGE Platform triples its AUM in less than three years

Comunicati stampa - 04/05/2017

Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management continues to support the development of landmark infrastructure projects in Europe. The BRIDGE (Benjamin de Rothschild Infrastructure Debt Generation) platform has now reached EUR 1.2 billion and has tripled in size since the first closing of FCT BRIDGE I in July 2014 with EUR 400 million. This new milestone reflects investors’ confidence in Edmond de Rothschild’s infrastructure debt management team. (English version)

Infrastructure debt remains attractive

The second closing of BRIDGE II has been successfully completed, after a first closing in early December. The fund brought together a group of new investors based in France, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Italy, as well as existing investors from the first-generation fund, FCT BRIDGE I. BRIDGE II (Luxembourg law vehicle) is expected to reach its final closing by this summer, with similar amounts to FCT BRIDGE I. In parallel, a new fund that will co-invest mainly with BRIDGE II over shorter maturities, BRIDGE II.2, also reached its first closing. These two second-generation funds, managed by the same team of 11 London-based experts, aim to expand Edmond de Rothschild’s infrastructure debt platform offer with a view to capture new opportunities along the themes of trans-European transport networks, energy transition, digital access for all, upgrading some key utilities or intermodality, namely the transition from one mode of transport to another. 

Characterized by an increasing appetite from institutional investors, infrastructure debt is one of the key offerings among alternative assets in recent years. The continued need to develop new types of infrastructure or to renew as well as refurbish the more mature ones, enhances the attractiveness of the asset class and creates a significant investment universe, bringing natural diversification to investors. The Edmond de Rothschild Group is committed to this space in the long-term aiming at providing an innovative and adapted source of financing. The BRIDGE platform will gradually grow to expand its investment universe.

Our expertise recognised

During the annual IJGlobal Awards ceremony held on 29 March 2017 in London that brought together the most influential players in the infrastructure space (sponsors, developers, investors and lenders), BRIDGE won two awards in the Category "Deal of the Year" for its investments in two landmark transactions. 

In addition, BRIDGE was nominated in the "European Alternative Lender of the Year" category, a true recognition of its status as an investor in major but also niche, innovative transactions, capable of structuring complex transactions in a Lead role. 

Any investment in BRIDGE involves exposure to certain risks associated with the holding of debt securities, such as, but not limited to, counterparty risk, non-redemption risk at maturity, deferred or anticipated repayment, credit risk, liquidity risk, interest rate risk, currency risk, concentration risk. 

Risk of concentration (the investments in certain specific sectors of the economy can have negative consequences in case of devaluation of the concerned sectors). Certain sub-funds may concentrate their investments in assets belonging to specific sectors of the economy and will therefore be subject to the risks associated with the concentration of investments in the sector. 

The AIF does not guarantee or protect the capital invested, so investors may not recover the full amount of their initial capital invested even if they retain the units for the recommended investment period. 

The BRIDGE investment vehicles are intended for professional investors only or equivalent and may be subject to restrictions on certain persons or in certain countries. We therefore advise any interested person to ensure beforehand with his usual consultants that he is legally authorized to subscribe the aforementioned products and / or services. Funds presented are not offered, sold or delivered directly or indirectly in the United States, or on behalf or in the interest of any person living in the United States. The assets of the fund are offered outside the United States in accordance with the exemption from registration in Regulation S of the 1933 Act. Any investment in BRIDGE may in any event only be made on the basis of Documents and information, the disclosure of which is provided for in the applicable regulations, which will be made available to investors free of charge prior to any investment by the Edmond de Rothschild Group. The figures, comments and analyses contained in this presentation reflect the Edmond de Rothschild Group's views on the economy and markets, their evolution, regulation and taxation, taking into account its expertise, economic analyses and information held at this day. However, they do not constitute any commitment or guarantee of the companies of the Edmond de Rothschild Group. The tax treatment depends on the individual situation of each investor and is subject to change at a later date. For the Common Securitization Fund, the fund management company is France Securitization. Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management (UK) is an investment advisor and Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management (France) is a seller. 

For BRIDGE II (SIF BRIDGE EUROPE), the investment management company is Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management (Luxembourg). The sub-manager is Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management (UK) Ltd and Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management (France) is the Global Distributor.

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