The Luxembourg financial marketplace

The Luxembourg financial centre

A stable, dynamic economic environment

A stable, dynamic economic environment

Luxembourg offers an attractive and safe environment for investors around the world. Its political and economic stability and regulatory framework promote the development of innovative financial solutions and services at the heart of Europe.

Gateway to the European market

Luxembourg is at the heart of Europe, an ideal location to provide services to an international clientele. Its capacity for innovation and adaptation, particularly in the financial services field, draws many companies which set up their European headquarters in the Grand-Duchy:

  • Favourable conditions for banking and financial industry development in a transparent environment
  • Political, economic, budgetary, legal and social stability guarantee optimal protection for investors
  • Very strong synergies between employees, political leaders and company heads
  • Flexibility to adjust to European and international legal and regulatory changes
  • A regulator attentive to the needs of professionals
  • A favourable tax regime for high-potential earners.

The European leader in private banking

Luxembourg is the leading private banking centre in the eurozone with nearly €350 billion in assets under management*.

The industry's professionals have acquired recognised international private banking expertise. This is reflected in their understanding of client needs, their quick response times and their personalised and discrete management style. The Grand-Duchy has signed many bilateral non-double taxation agreements and attracts families and entrepreneurs from around the world seeking stability and safety for their assets.

*Source CSSF/ABBL Private Banking Survey 2016

A global market for investment funds

With about €4,000 billion in net assets under management*, Luxembourg is the leading investment fund domiciliation centre in Europe and the second in the world after the United States.

Luxembourg has an experienced and responsive regulator who has earned the trust of investors by providing a secure environment. The country is international and multilingual. Its economic, political and social stability have made it a leading distribution hub with funds sold in over 70 countries around the world.

*Source CSSF April 2017

An international clientele

Over 80% of Luxembourg's funds are held by investors from seven countries.