Sub-Saharan Africa Growth

Our expertise

Supporting the African development

Supporting the African development

We make our experience in investment fund structuring and risk management available for the responsible development of countries, notably in Africa.

We provide access to a complete set of financial instruments with high-level environmental and social objectives. Beyond our unique and differentiating offer, we make long term investments - a rare approach in Africa for institutions outside the public development finance domain. Luc Rigouzzo Managing Partner, Amethis Finance
What defines us

A special network with unique expertise

  • The remaining engine for global economic growth

    ​​The African continent has become one of the most dynamic economic growth regions in the world where demographic, urban and economic progress generate substantial investment opportunities. As such, Africa is the remaining engine for global economic growth.

  • An alliance of private equity experts and Africa specialists

    ​The team invests in sectors linked to local consumption, with a focus on the most dynamic and diversified African economies. The team consists of a dozen bankers and investors experienced in sustainable financing for the African continent.

  • A unique ownership structure

    Our structure is mainly composed of institutional investors and private entrepreneurs. We have developed a broad network and close relationships with international industrial sponsors, public authorities, financial institutions and family offices. The support of these long-term partners contributes to the financial and operational success of projects.

  • A responsible investor

    ​​Special attention is given to respect international standards of environmental and social management practices but also to governance, compliance and financial transparency. Our unique approach relies on the use of measurement tools and impact scoring throughout the entire project life cycle.

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