Innovation in sustainable and responsible investment

A virtuous alliance

Responsible and sustainable finance

Responsible and sustainable finance

We constantly adjust to deploy financial expertise that gradually integrates environmental, social and governance challenges in order to direct financial flows to projects that are compatible with sustainable growth.

Our strategic priorities

  • Integrating sustainability in listed asset management

    Our ESG-S "Best in Universe/Best Effort" selection approach consists in selecting the companies with the best ESG-S (Environment, Social, Governance, Stakeholders) ratings or showing tangible progress in improving their ESG-S practices while maintaining competitive financial performance. This approach is reflected in a formal SRI strategy that includes dedicated mandates for institutional investors.

    We have also implemented an ESG-S Engagement SRI strategy. Our approach consists in tracking the ESG-S performance of companies in the portfolio and putting in place an active, constructive and traceable dialogue with some of them to improve their related practices.

    We also support innovative projects, via different assets classes, which generate economic, social and/or environmental value. For example, we have an infrastructure debt investment strategy that creates a debt portfolio in the transport, energy (including renewable energies), social infrastructure and telecommunications sectors.

  • An innovative Private Equity platform

    Sustainability is at the heart of our Private Equity platform. The platform explores, innovates and offers a diversified range of vehicles in which a positive, long-term economic, environmental and social impact is of primary importance.

    Our agroforestry and depollution impact investment strategies raise funds and ensure a return on investment through activities that benefit local populations and the environment.

    Our thematic strategies invest in and support companies in fields such as life sciences and in regions such as Africa. We pay special attention to the integration of ESG criteria in our investment and management processes of these thematic strategies.

    More widely, we are progressively integrating ESG criteria across our investment processes and in the support provided to the companies we invested. We seek to make the most of all of the opportunities for value creation that this activity provides.

  • Make responsible and sustainable investment more accessible to private clients

    We are aware of increasing consumer and public interest in ethical, environmental and social issues. We work with our private banking teams to better understand our clients' expectations in this respect. Our goal is to support the alignment of their investments with their values and provide a product offering which will have a positive impact on the real economy and society, in addition to philanthropic activities.
  • Collaborate with our stakeholders

    We participate in a number of finance sector initiatives to support and promote sustainable investment. For some of our investment activities, we bring together stakeholders and expertise needed to create products that combine economic, social and environmental benefits.

    We are members of a number of organisations such as UNEP-FI and Swiss Sustainable Finance.