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Preserving and building your wealth

Preserving and building your wealth

The Rothschilds have been bankers and entrepreneurs for seven generations. They understand how important it is to protect, grow and transfer a family’s assets and values. But wealth management also requires innovation and expertise. Our Private Banking service reviews your assets, providing advice that is in line with your family and professional aspirations.

" Creating value means contributing to the progress of our times and to securing sustainable wealth."
João Freire Director General
Our approach

Understanding your needs and goals

We advise you to help you increase your wealth. Plus, given our family approach, we will also advise you on how best to transfer your wealth to future generations.

All family assets are different and every family is unique with its own history. That's why only a tailored approach can provide the right answers to your needs. Your personal advisor on our private banking team has an intimate understanding of your situation. They will analyse all of your personal and professional assets and, thanks to the expertise available at the bank, help you make the right decisions for the future.  They will design a long-term, personalised, high-performance model based on your investments, risk exposure and transfer choices.

Philanthropic advisory services

Consulting for philanthropic projects
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What defines us?

A tailor-made offer

  • A comprehensive offering of integrated services

    Our teams can assist you with every aspect of wealth management including family advisory, asset analysis and structuring, customized management, asset diversification and philanthropy consulting.

  • Personalised solutions

    ​Edmond de Rothschild (Europe) - Portugal branch is a company with a human touch. This makes us a very nimble and creative centre of excellence, able to offer customised solutions for each one of our clients.

  • Teams available when you need them

    ​All of our wealth management advisors develop long-term, personal relationships with their clients. Your manager is always local and available to answer your questions and meet your needs.

  • Special attention to risk tracking

    ​As a result of its entrepreneurial profile, the Edmond de Rothschild Group pays particular attention to overall risk analysis and management from both the personal and financial standpoints.


The Bank over the years

2000: Portuguese branch opens in Lisbon

2002: Purchase of a building for the bank in the historical Principe Real neighbourhood of Lisbon, a sign of our Group's commitment to Edmond de Rothschild's Portuguese clientele.


Executive Committee

João Freire (Director General)

Bruno de Carvalho

Jorge Godinho

João Folque Antunes


A point of access to the Luxembourg financial centre

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