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Financing the growth of unlisted MSEs

Financing the growth of unlisted MSEs

The Edmond de Rothschild Group has been active in medium-sized companies, a leading private equity segment, for the past 30 years. We have dedicated three generations of funds to them. Our teams specialize in mid caps in French-speaking Europe and Italy. They primarily finance growth and assist with the reorganization of the shareholding of European companies.

By aligning shareholdings with their entrepreneurial project, we provide assistance to entrepreneurs in capital transactions for growth and the transfer of their companies. Antoine Le Bourgeois Partner, Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners
What defines us

Experience and thoroughness dedicated to Mid-Cap development capital

  • An experienced team to help companies grow

    ​Our 15-person investment team in France and Italy (partners with Mast Capital) is dedicated to mid-cap development capital. It targets profitable, unlisted, intermediate-sized enterprises (ISE) with revenue between €20 and €300 million and valued at €30 to €200 million. Its investment scope covers all economic sectors in Europe. 

    To date, it has made 90 investments and 70 withdrawals from unlisted ISEs.

  • A meticulous, reactive investment process

    ​We work with European ISEs by taking a significant minority holding of 10% to 49% of their capital over a period of three to six years. Each company is tracked by dedicated contacts who work very closely with the board of directors or the supervisory board. 

  • Three generations of funds dedicated to mid caps

    ​Our investment strategy in unlisted, medium-sized companies has been deployed in three generations of funds since 2005. The first two each invested in about twenty companies. The third has €300 million and invests between €7 and €30 million per transaction.

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