Edmond de Rothschild Fund Big Data is a sub fund of the Luxembourg-regulated SICAV which is approved by the CSSF and approved for marketing in Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, United-Kingdom, Italiy and Luxembourg.

The fund is a category 6, or high risk/return fund profi le which refl ects its ability to be up to 110% exposed to equity markets. Investments made by the fund are subject to market trends and fluctuations. Investors may not recover the amount originally invested. The risks described below are not exhaustive: it is the responsibility of investors to analyse each investment’s risk and to come to their own opinion. Equity risk: share prices may move in line with factors specific to the issuing company but they may also react to external political and economic factors. Equity market fluctuations may entail changes in the sub fund’s net asset value and might have a significantly negative impact on its performance. The fund’s performance will depend on the companies selected by the asset management company. Risk from investing in small and mid caps: These stocks have smaller free floats. Market moves are consequently more pronounced both on the upside and the downside and faster than with large cap stocks. The Subfund’s net asset value may as a result see faster and wider swings. Exchange rate risk: this may exist when stocks or investments are denominated in a different currency than that of the sub fund. If the currency of portfolio holdings falls against the sub fund’s reference currency, the euro, the fund’s NAV could also fall. Interest rate risk: funds holding debt securities and money market instruments are exposed to fluctuations in interest rates. The risk is as follows: rising interest rates cause bond valuations to fall and thus a decline in the sub fund’s net asset valuation. Credit risk: valuations of debt securities and other financial instruments are influenced by the issuing company’s credit rating. As a result, their capital value fluctuates according to the market’s perception of the financial health of their issuers and this may entail a fall in the sub fund’s NAV if the outlook turns negative. Credit risk corresponds to the risk that an issuer of bonds or money market instruments might not be able to honour his commitments. Risk of concentration (the investments in certain specific sectors of the economy can have negative consequences in case of devaluation of the concerned sectors).             

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