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An essential complement to the fund administration

An essential complement to the fund administration

To enable fund managers to dedicate themselves fully to their core business, the Edmond de Rothschild Group has completed its fund administration services with custodian bank services. In addition to securities custody, its offer also includes the supervision all fund transactions.

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  • Full or partial custody of assets including management of the sub-custodian network

    ​​As a custodian bank, the Edmond de Rothschild Group can handle the custody of all fund securities and fiduciary deposits. The Group can also select and supervise the sub-custodian network if the custody of certain assets is delegated.

  • Monitoring fund transaction compliance in the interest of shareholders and unit holders

    ​Controlling the fund's transactions is a key custodian responsibility. Dedicated teams are in constant contact with the fund managers and investment advisers to monitor fund transaction compliance. They can also check compliance with investment limits and the conformity of net asset value calculations with the laws and regulations governing funds.

  • Back office transaction management and liquidity flow tracking

    ​Back office transactions are the third facet of the custodian services provided by Edmond de Rothschild teams. They include the handling, settlement and reconciliation of securities and cash and equivalents transactions, the handling and settlement of dividends and securities transactions, the payment of invoices, taxes and commissions, etc.