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Our expertise

Adapting to your needs

Adapting to your needs

The Edmond de Rothschild Group has always been recognised for its expertise and it provides you with investment services suited to your needs.

Our approach

Personalised investment

Our investment services adjust to your expectations and wealth management strategy. Your Private Banker can provide you with assistance and investment advice.

In each case, our teams are there to provide you with the best possible investments solutions. They will direct you to the products best suited to your risk profile and your yield expectations, even in periods of low rates or turbulent markets.

What defines us?

A tailor-made culture

  • Discretionary Investment Management

    We recognise each client’s needs and approach to managing their investment portfolio are different. Using an array of tools we offer both classic and special mandates. For special mandates we develop a bespoke investment strategy, both innovative and personalised to suit your specific strategy, risk profile and objectives.

  • Focused advisory service

    ​Clients and bankers work in partnership, identifying and generating new investment ideas in the strategies or themes of interest to clients who want focussed advice on investments outside of a portfolio construct.  Investment ideas benefit from our market proximity and experience and allow client to benefit from the strong financial market experience of our bankers and to react actively o market events and investment opportunities.

  • Execution Service

    As an independent investor, you make your own investment decisions and carry out the trades you feel are right for you supported by our highest standards of execution service.

  • Alternative investments

  • Managing Risks

  • Customised securities selection

    We select the in-house, external securities and investment vehicles best-suited to your situation, on the stock market and among convertible, bond and monetary products. Your private banker will give you access to several hundred funds with the market's best managers and to our dedicated teams of analysts specialised in equities and the bond markets.

  • Private Equity

    ​Identifying and investing, or co-investing, in future trends can produce significant dividends. The Group has significant private equity heritage and expertise which can be accesses through your private banker.

  • Reporting and digital platform

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