Ethical and responsible behaviour

A fundamental responsibility

Integrity and Ethics

Integrity and Ethics

The Edmond de Rothschild Group’s ability to ensure exemplary ethical conduct in the financial market and vis-à-vis our clients depends on the actions of each one of our employees. Our aim to create financial value that is connected with the real economy and preserve capital guidse our decisions and help us earn the trust of our stakeholders.

" Concordia, Integritas, Industria: our founding values are shared by all of our employees. They are inspired by them, and they must transmit them in turn."
Ariane de Rothschild

Our strategic priorities

  • Provide an ethical and responsible work environment

    Absolute compliance with the ethical rules contained in our Code of Ethics is an obligation for all employees. Regardless of their duties, they must carry them out with the loyalty, skill, care and diligence required in the best interest of our clients and in compliance with the markets in which they work.

  • Provide continuing support to our employees in an increasingly regulated and demanding environment

    It is our responsibility to ensure that our employees receive ongoing training and that they are always kept abreast of the new regulations applicable, so that they can act in compliance with them. In addition to ensuring application of the laws and internal rules, our goal is to enable each employee to be acutely aware of ethical issues, so that decisions taken are based on the company's values and their best judgement.
  • Reconcile risk management and innovation

    The Edmond de Rothschild Group has always taken a cautious approach to risk while continuing to innovate and maintain its strong entrepreneurial spirit. Our ability to reconcile these two concepts is key to the trust our clients place in us.