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The controlled risk

The controlled risk

Risk control is at the heart of the Edmond de Rothschild Group's quantitative management expertise. The Group's dynamic and systematic approach seeks to fulfil a twofold objective: to take advantage of market upturns at the same time as limiting losses in the event of a downturn. To do this, the Group implements asymmetric management within a predefined volatility budget.

What defines us

Results built over time

  • A track record of more than 17 years that prioritises control of risks

    ​The QuAM (Quantitative Asset Management) methodology is a strategy based on a proprietary mathematical model, which places risk management at the heart of the investment process. The performance generated therefore becomes stronger over time.

  • Tactical asset allocation that is adapted to market conditions

    ​Within a large investment universe, the Edmond de Rothschild Group's dynamic asset allocation is regulated by a predefined volatility budget, depending on the risk profiles involved. The methodology maintains a dynamic correlation with the markets. This results in an asymmetrical profile which can better withstand market downturns.

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