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Everything that shines...must be traceable

Physical gold has numerous advantages in portfolio diversification but its origins can prove very tricky to trace. To meet increasingly strict investor demands for transparency, gold's supply chain needs to be scrupulously examined using m​ultiple criteria. We can no longer invest in gold as we used to do 50 years ago. A new approach is required, one that combines transparency and traceability all the way from the mine to the safe.

Our certified origin solution means that you can now invest in gold knowing that its source is entirely traceable.

​who really knows
our origins?​

Market turbulence and uncertainty have reinforced gold’s appeal. The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank in the US and Credit Suisse's woes are the latest examples of the crisis, sending the gold ounce above $2,000, its highest level in a year.

Today's environment seems particularly favorable for gold and especially physical gold. Investing in gold has a number of well-known investment qualities and with a suitable framework, can also answer the needs of the sustainable-conscious investor.

Gold could serve as protection against systemic risk, a threat that may have abated over the short term but which has not totally disappeared.

​Knowing the origin of the yellow metal in which one invests is becoming a major issue for investors today.

EdR Certifi​ed Origin Physical Gold
​key point​s
A vehicle allowing investments in physical gold, whose supply chain has undergone a thorough ESG analysis, notably an evaluation of mines, mining companies and smelters.

​​​An Exchange Traded Certificate (ETC) that tracks the spot price of gold and is offered in USD, EUR or NOK.

Storage of gold bars in Edmond de Rothschild’s vaults in Geneva, formally occupied by the Swiss National Bank. Redemptions in the ETC can be done either in cash or in gold bars.
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With the process verified by a third party auditor, to date, EdR has selected one smelter and four mining companies
comprising 12 mines in total including sites in Canada, Ghana, Finland and Australia.

A further three mining sites and one smelter are under review by EdR’s responsible investment team.
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The Rothschild family has a long history in gold dating back to the 1800s, in particular in gold refinery circa 1830s and the acquisition of London’s Royal Mint Refinery in 19521

In 2007, EdR developed its Responsible Investment (RI) expertise to evaluate ESG criteria in liquid investments. A year later, it launched a gold equity fund. In 2015, a Physical Gold fund launched with gold ingots stored in EdR’s vaults.

Responsible investment is in the DNA of our management: independent, active, fundamental, and conviction-driven. A guarantee of better risk management, and also value-creating over the long term.

1​ Source: https://www.rothschildarc​hive.org/collections/rothschild_faqs/rot​hschild_and_gold​


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The ETC is not classified under SFDR Regulation, is not labelled “ESG” and does not issue Green Bonds. 
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