Urban regeneration and land remediation | Edmond de Rothschild

​Urban regeneration and land remediation



Rehabilitating polluted and abandoned brownfield sites

Created in 2008, Ginkgo locates and buys polluted sites in dense urban areas with high redevelopment potential. Using its complementary expertise, the team assesses environmental responsibility, develops a soil decontamination strategy and works with partners on property development strategies.


Tapping into unused industrial heritage

Rehabilitation of contaminated and abandoned brownfield sites, which weigh heavily on the balance sheets of owners who do not have the operational or financial resources to remediate and transform this type of infrastructure.

Responding to the environmental and urban challenges of tomorrow

Located in urban areas, remediated land offers great redevelopment potential and is a solution to the shortage of buildable land as well as urban sprawl.

Supporting projects with significant environmental and social impact

Conversion of abandoned sites into new, healthy living spaces which address environmental protection and sustainable development issues (reduced health risks, environmentally friendly remediation, mixed and innovative property programmes).