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collaborative mid-market investment




An innovative approach to collaborative mid-market investment

ERES invests equity (as a majority or minority shareholder), on its own or as part of consortia, in mid-market companies that harbour significant value creation potential, based primarily in Europe and the United States. As a collaborative investor, ERES puts its international network, agility, tried-and-tested corporate ethos (partnerships, governance) and an experienced team to work for its partners.


Contributing to the development of underlying companies

ERES draws on its networks and those of the Edmond de Rothschild Group to help portfolio companies grow organically and through acquisitions. Value creation is propelled by the aligned interests of the various partners and careful consideration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

Shaping creative ownership solutions

With its experience of more than 20 years investing in around 100 companies, ERES can come up with solutions that are tailored to specific situations (ownership, structure), helping to drive performance.

Building a resilient portfolio

Extensive diversification by geographical region and industry, together with the moderate use of leverage, help optimise risk management, while targeting attractive returns.